How it Works

Pick which Meal Plan works Best for You.

Pick which Proteins,Carbs and Vegetables You would like to eat.

Then we rotate which the items You pick to create different combinations.

Each Day we Rotate the seasonings so You get what you want but aren’t getting the

same Taste.

Delivered Daily

Each meal is made fresh daily.

We get up early and make all the food like a donut shop and keep it warm until our delivery Driver leaves.

Each day the meal will be delivered to your location between 10am and 12 pm.


All of our meals must be pre-ordered by the end of Sunday.

By pre ordering we know exactly what food we need to buy so we do not have any food waste or going out of date.

Since we do not waste any food we are able to provide you with healthy food at an affordable cost.

Our Lunches

Made with high quality ingredients that do not contain artificial colors flavors preservatives or hormones!

Each Entree consists Of

5oz Protein

2/3 Cup carb

3/4 Cup of Vegetables

Serving of Fruit


Each Salad consists of

3 Cups of Leaf

1/4 Cup of Vegetable

1/4 Cup of Fruit

2 Table spoons of Dressing

Serving of Fruit